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Big Cat Times. The Big Cat Times is a printed news letter that is sent quarterly to those who subscribe for free. Big Cat Times.
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Why the hype then? I will tell you why. There is a very sick and psychotic woman that lives in Florida that was alienated from the exotic animal community because of her lies and deaths of the animals she was selling to others. She has a very good way of communicating and a great sense of marketing. Sick and evil nonetheless. OMG your joking she gets over a million a yr in Donations people and look at the animals do they really look well cared for?

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Carol When was the Last time you redid your cages? Look at this site found by a close friend!!!!

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  7. Six months later her husband, Don Lewis is suddenly missing! Or Don died from the injuries or the horrible treatment Carole herself gave him! Either way he was tiger food and any remaining bones were the wood chipper machine use. Their goal is no big cats in captivity, period. If they wipe out the small facilities, they will turn on the big zoos next. There are non-accredited facilities out there who take far better care of their cats than any accredited zoo. You will often see big cats pacing listlessly at big zoos because they have no contact or relationship with the keepers.

    Some big zoos are learning from the small zoos, though and starting to build relationships with their cats.

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    7. Then, there is the argument about cat cubs being disposed of after they are too big for the public to handle. Carole and the animal rights folks claim they are sent to hunting ranches, or simply killed. Can they offer even one concrete example of this happening? We cat keepers have been asking the animal rights folks for many years to offer proof of this practice. They have never offered any proof. And what about circuses? Modern circuses take very good care of their animals.

      They have to, as unhealthy animals do not attract the public. Properly cared for, big cats can adapt to smaller spaces. They run only to catch dinner or to escape danger.

      They sleep 20 hours a day. And I know of a tiger who turned her nose up at a X foot space in favor of a 20 X 20 foot space, as she knew that is where she would always find her human friends. She lived a full, happy life, and would always get excited when I would visit. What about public safety? Especially these days, most people killed by big cats are zookeepers in big zoos. A combination of overly complex caging systems and no relationship with the cats is just asking for trouble.

      Because they know, and are bonded to their animals.

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      Go check out a small zoo, educational center like SIngle Vision or circus near you. See for yourself what modern big cat care is like. And prepare to see happy, well-adjusted animals! Your email address will not be published. Zach Abolverdi. Nikki Hietala September 30, at pm. Please try again.

      Oldest big cat fossil found in Tibet

      This impact information is current as of September , when it was provided to us by GuideStar. At this time, Impact information published on this organization's page has no effect on its rating per our methodology. Joint Cost Allocation Adjustment applied. Learn more. December, December, December, December, December, Would you like us to email someone and CC you? This email identifies you as the donor but does not specify the amount of your gift. Check Out Now or Continue Researching. Join Our Mailing List Join over , other informed givers and get updates on charity ratings, new features, hot topics, and tips for donating.

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      Independent Voting Board Members. No Material diversion of assets. Audited financials prepared by independent accountant. Documents Board Meeting Minutes. Provided copy of Form to organization's governing body in advance of filing.

      Cat sanctuary intern 'was living her dream,' her father says

      Conflict of Interest Policy. Whistleblower Policy. Records Retention and Destruction Policy. CEO listed with salary. The RSPCA, which has long campaigned for a change in the law to ban performing animals in circuses, claims that scientific research has shown that travelling circus life is likely to have a harmful effect on many species.

      Beating The Summer Heat At Big Cat Rescue

      There are between 25 and 30 circuses touring Britain of which only around five now feature any animals. The trend in recent years has been towards more artistic sorts of circus, such as the Cirque du Soleil, which places greater emphasis on acrobats. Its productions have filled the Royal Albert Hall for weeks at a time. A return to circuses without wild animals would see the clock wound back to and the creation of the first modern circus which featured horses and their riders performing thrilling spectacles to sellout crowds.